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Chakra Show

the way of chakra

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel" or "circle"; usually referring to the centers or points of spiritual power that resides in or compose the human astral / subtle body. They are considered to have correspondences with the physical body and function as psychic portals to the world at large.

The subtle nerve channels of Chakra converge like the spokes of a wheel. There are seven Chakras or energy centres, paralleling the spine. The seven main chakras are located at the root base region (Muladhara), genital region (Svadhisthana), belly region (Manipura), heart region (Ana Hata), throat region (Vishudda), forehead region (Ajna), and the top of head (Sahasrara). Each chakra has distinctive qualities and associations, all relating to states of consciousness. Chakra plays a role in the regulation of bodily signal processing and the interaction between body and consciousness.

They’re involved at an important level with health, realization and spiritual development. Each chakra is generated by a nerve center and interacts with one or a group of hormone glands near its location.

Like the energy pathways an acupuncturist works with, chakra is an energy chain outside of religious or political context. Accessing the chakra energy highway is possible by various methods. Practitioners of hatha yoga traditionally have their “keys” physically turned. Followers of prana access the chakra pathway via breathing exercises. The Sufis dance and the Dervishes whirl their way to Chakra. The images comprising Ken Kitchen’s Chakra Show represent a key to accessing Chakra via visual stimuli. Each image was chosen in relation to all others and is best viewed in order in much the way a symphony is best heard as written.

The Chakra Show has its genesis in the Dallas art scene of the Seventies. His work as a commercial photographer gave Ken Kitchen the resources to use photography to address his spiritual and artistic sensibilities and those of a growing group of artists gelling around him. The opening of the Signature Gallery in the 70’s gave the Dallas contemporary art scene a place to show their works and trade ideas and inspirations. It was during this period Ken began to combine his spiritual and artistic energies in search of a way to access the Chakra. Twenty years of study has not only shown him the way but also a way to use Chakra as a tool in dealing with life's adversities.

welcome to Ken Kitchen's Chakra Show, a 21st Century door to self-perception.

Murali Nair comments on Ken's Chakra Show:

My studies in chakra have never been with any particular school. I was born and brought up in one of the most spiritual states of Southern India, so influences of that kind were all around me.

I took it upon myself to study and do detailed research into this dynamic energy source since my time at University. I have conducted my studies with the aid of ancient scriptures and texts, and with the support of spiritually elevated souls/ personalities.

I found that Ken Kitchen has a method for focusing on the Chakra with clear visual images, capable of creating a spontaneous effect of chakra interaction while viewing them.

Within a short time span, I felt I had been exposed to one hundred chapters of Chakra knowledge.

I believe Ken Kitchen's method involving chakra-trigger images will surely catch the eyeballs of Western Society faster than reading a textbook.

I observed and appreciate the work he is doing in trying to meld Eastern and Western outlooks into a single broader vision.

His success in this noble endeavour will help all people to see how much we all have in common in matters of spiritual enlightenment.

Maybe his greatest accomplishment is that everything he does and teaches contributes to the sum total of peace of mind and environmental harmony.
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